Whether you are a small business with three lines or a large corporation with 3,000, 702 Communications can deliver the phone systems and service you need. In addition to traditional PBX sales and service, 702 is also excited to be rolling out Hosted IP PBX solutions.

A perfect blend between PSTN and VoIP, Hosted PBX Service from 702 Communications is the premium voice service in the Valley. As the only provider of such a service in the area, 702 Communications has a unique opportunity to guide you into the future of telecommunications! Infinitely portable, infinitely scalable, and infinitely more powerful than a legacy PBX service, the Hosted PBX service can grow and change in step with your business.

Using rock-solid, proven technology in the customer premises and cutting-edge technology in the central office, 702 Communications puts you in control over features that, in the past, required a costly technician.

Some examples of these controls are:

  • Complete Auto Attendant (or Digital Receptionist) control
  • Complete control over voicemail options
  • Complete control over hours of operation/after hours functionality
  • Detailed reports at the click of a button

We'll help get your new system up and running with complete set up, system programming and staff training. To maximize communication effectiveness, 702 Communications also provides the most advanced voicemail systems. From simple to elaborate, we’ll find a system that best meets your requirements.

Don’t choose between reliability and great rates – get both!

We believe in working for your business every day, so you can count on a dedicated Communications Consultant to handle all your questions and concerns.

Video Conferencing

702 Communications Conferencing is an easy-to-use service to enhance your business productivity. Conference Calling from 702 Communications offers a low-cost complete solution capable of hosting up to 30 attendees with no reservations required.


Once in your virtual conference room, use easy to follow audio prompts and a host of features to take complete control of your conference. Use our Moderator Web Interface for even greater functionality and control of features including:

  • Record a Conference — Record your conversations for future review and transcription. Download as a .WAV file through your moderator web interface.
  • Muting — Mute all participants for an important announcement or mute selectively as the topic requires.
  • Dial In or Dial Out — Schedule a meeting where participants dial in at a specific time or add participants on the fly.
  • Lock and Roll Call Conference Participants — Secure your meeting once all attendants are present by locking your conference room.