COVID-19: Work From Home Bloopers

While many people out there are work-from-home professionals, this is new to a lot of us. As a result, we’ve seen some pretty embarrassing work-from-home bloopers pop up. How can you make sure you’re not the next YouTube sensation? I’ve got some tips for you.

Maybe you haven’t seen the videos in question. While there is a certain amount of Schadenfreude involved, I’m not going to spread the misfortune directly. You can search on Google or YouTube for “work from home videoconference bloopers” and feast your eyes on the failures.


It’s easy to laugh at the student who attended class, in his bedroom, naked, and without realizing he was on camera started to walk around the bedroom for everyone to see, or to feel really, really bad for “Poor Jennifer” who took her whole office to the bathroom with her.

At the end of the day, though, both of these situations and many others you find can be easily resolved.

I get that one of the joys of working from home is maybe working in your pajamas or not doing your hair or makeup. I’d suggest, though, that you resist that urge, especially if your day contains even one conference call.

Don’t let working from home be permission to be lazy. Get up, take your shower, put on your work clothes and just be ready for your day. Not only will you avoid the work blooper reel, but you’ll also likely feel more of a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. You didn’t trudge down the stairs to hang out in the basement all day; you got up and went to work.

I’m not saying you can never work in your PJs. For all you know, I’m writing this blog post in mine. But I know there’s no chance you can find out.

Here’s hoping we can all stay off that blooper reel!

I hope this helps you be safe and work well.

Brian Crommett
702 Communications

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