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Call on us for phones that do more.

Businesses still need a reliable phone system to properly stay connected with customers and each other. Trade dropped calls and weak signals for a more versatile hosted phone (PBX) system that harnesses the strengths of your internet connection. Voice over IP (VoIP), offers options you won’t find on traditional phones.


Leave dropped calls in the past and trust that there’s always a signal to keep your businesses connected.

Any Size Business

Whether you’ve got five desks in your office space or 500, we’ve got plenty of bundles that best fit what you need.


Manage all of your voicemail options, automate responses and receive reports of call activity.

What’s VoIP and Why Should You Consider It?

It’s a fact. Businesses still need phones even in the digital age, and yes, even with cell phones. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, uses your high-speed internet to give you more versatile advantages than ever. 

How can advanced phone services help? 

  • Access a digital receptionist
  • Control all your voicemail options
  • Automate responses for calls after hours
  • Record conferences 
  • Video conferencing 

We’ll help get your new system up and running with a complete setup, system programming, and staff training. To maximize communication effectiveness, 702 Communications will find a system that best meets your unique requirements.

Better your business. Take our advice.