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IT Support Services – Our Team is the Support You Need

702’s Managed IT Service takes a proactive approach to I.T. Instead of waiting until something breaks, which can halt your business operation, our team designs, upgrades, and monitors an entire tech ecosystem that matches your company needs. See what services are right for you.

Customized, Integrated Plans

No two businesses are alike, which is why we consult on the right tools and tech best suited for your situation. Once we have a plan, we install everything to make sure your systems work efficiently together.

Predictable Billing

Unforeseen invoices for I.T. repair can throw off your cash flow. That’s why our Managed Services plan comes with a base price, so you know what to expect each and every month and stick to your budget.

Automated Upgrades

Outdated software and equipment cause problems eventually. Managed Services plans swap out the old before there could be an issue. Best of all, the cost of upgrades is already factored into your monthly plan.

Network Infrastructure

Internet connectivity is the backbone of any I.T. offering. We make sure your servers, cables and WiFi stay working. 


From firewalls to virtual private networks, cameras, and more, our Managed Services team keeps you running while lowering the risk of having unwanted users accessing your information.

Data Storage & Backup

Protect your data with the proper amount of storage and redundancy. With backups on backups and copies upon copies, you can rest easy knowing your assets are covered. 

Monitoring & Maintenance

Our systems automatically alert the Managed Services team if something breaks down, but they also automatically upgrade your systems to help prevent something from happening in the first place.

I.T. Service Consulting

Don’t know what systems and support you need? That’s where we come in. Our team will walk you through the software, equipment, and systems integrations to set you up for success. 

Cloud-Based Software Integration

With more and more employees working from home, it’s important to have the tools and tech that allow for communication and collaboration. We make sure your teams can stay productive no matter where they are. 

Onsite & Remote Support

Sometimes you need a technician. Sometimes you don’t. Avoid having to wait for service when our Managed Services team can access your office from ours. 

Storage and reliability to support your business at any size.

Tier 2 Data Center

99.7% Guaranteed Uptime

That means we’re only down, at most, 22 hours per year.

Multiple Power Redundancies

To keep you operational, even during a blackout.

Room To Grow

Scale your business alongside our facility.

Message a representative for more information about our data center capabilities.